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I went to the lake with the family and decided, why not film a music video with Wifey? So we created this music video for you. You can download the song and lyrics on my website at any price you can afford or feel moved to give. All proceeds will be used to help me continue creating music and visuals for your enjoyment. We appreciate your support.

Marrio Esco - Stay (Beat By: Ryini Beats)
Marrio Esco & Gil Vargas - Tattoo | 848 (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Marrio Esco & Gil Vargas - Cre8 4 the Cre8r (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Marrio Esco - Turn to You (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Marrio Esco - The Chief
Marrio Esco - Spiritually Dead (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
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