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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

After years of experience as independent creatives trying to navigate through a complexed entertainment industry we've finally decided that now is the time to take matters into our own hands. We are the audio engineers, film and music producers, recording artists, graphic designers, song writers, business entrepreneurs and pretty much any and everything we must be in order to produce entertainment with a purpose!

What can you expect from us?

Original professional quality music, skits, film, blogs, podcast, live show and more all with the desire to encourage, edify, challenge and entertain!

How often?

Our production varies depending on which media outlet we produce. Currently we try to commit to the following...

  • LIVE SHOW | Marrio Esco Live: Weekly live show streamed to FB (Currently researching multiple streaming platform options.)

  • PODCAST | Marrio Esco Live: Weekly podcast from the live show uploaded to iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud and other podcasts applications.

  • MUSIC: Yearly singles, EP's and Albums from all recording artists (Marrio Esco; Gil Vargas)

  • FILM: Weekly comedy skits (Although distributed on various platforms this will be incorporated with MARRIO ESCO LIVE as well.)

  • BLOG: Weekly/Bi-Weekly blogs based off the topic of our live show. (Currently in the works.)

How can you support?

  • PRAYER: (Yes, an obvious but completely necessary request.)

  • SUBSCRIBE: Join our email list for exclusive updates, announcements, discounts and more! Subscribe here:

  • PURCHASE OUR PRODUCTS: If you enjoy our content please consider purchasing our product! Visit our store here: (Every cent contributed is an investment towards future production with the hopes of encouraging, edifying, challenging all while entertaining.)

  • SHARE OUR CONTENT: If you find our content to be a blessing to you please feel free to assist us by sharing it on which ever platform you feel has the most reach. Make sure to tag us on the post as we'd love to follow up with anyone who may be encouraged by it!

How can you contact us?

For all other inquiries please contact us at

Looking forward to serving you!

Grace and peace,

Marrio Esco

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