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Datin - CHH Ain't Dead | Album Review

Many of you may remember an episode or two or three we did when we covered the topic of CHH being dead, a couple of us held to the reservation that it is at least(dead) functionally as a business and how it measures out against other Genres. Opinions abound considering the pulse of CHH and its collective heartbeat. Does it need resuscitation? Whether it may or may not, we have just received a dose life giving Hip Hop with the CHH Aint Dead album from Datin -Menace Movement -God Over Money.

I've always had a long standing love for lyricism and word play and this album delivers, consistently. Although Datin is a veteran lyricist he brought a whole entourage of collaborations and styles and nuances to this project that I feel a diverse demographic of Hip Hoppers can enjoy. From the more well known Artists such as Da Truth, Bizzle, Eshon Burgundy and Ruslan to more lesser know artists like Kevi Morse, Shepherd, John Paul and more.

This much anticipated album lives up to its moniker “CHH Aint Dead” and It certainly is not. From the Lyrical expertise to the stylistic challenges and modern nuances and flavors this album has much to offer. The album kicks us off with a track with Eshon Burgundy presenting a serious tone in production and delivery with a more traditional lyricism that’s kicks the door at Top Speed. Throughout the album Datin puts his lyrical versatility on display . Many who indulge in this art take little risk with their lyrical ability or lyrical vulnerability often staying in their comfort zone, the opposite is shown here and the risk is worth the reward . There is gully lyricism matched up against poppy hooks, smooth encouraging interludes packed with wisdom. Sonically the album is clean well produced and engineered well. The collaborations are thought out and executed with skill all the while maintaining a level continuity that isn’t found in most albums with as many features as this one. This album challenges believers to walk the narrow road, to excel in their art, obey and preach the Gospel and persevere in this world. This Project certainly injects some life into the body of CHH.

Written By: Brent Tavares

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